Custom Sign for Junior Drag Race Girl

Custom Drag Race Sign Laser Burned Wood

This sign (name removed) was commissioned for Addison's 15th birthday by her mother. She wanted to give her something unique and gave us free reign with the design. Addison has been racing junior dragster league for years and is both passionate and good. We always say, "it's not bragging if you can back it up" and this young lady has the wins to back it up. So we chose the quote, "Smoking the tires is for the fans. Smoking the guy in the other lane, that's food for the soul." The dragster image was modified to match the junior dragster she races; this time for burning wood, not rubber! We chose a larger multi-part board from our inventory of reclaimed wood and we think it fit the image and the quote perfectly. Addison agreed!

Dragster Girl

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