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Foam Axe Throwing Game

Foam Axe Throwing Game

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Test Your Inner Lumberjack – Children and adults will have a blast with this clever, safe take on the popular Axe Throwing trend sweeping the nation! Players take turns hurling the two sturdy foam axes at our sticky hook & loop log stump fabric target to determine the ultimate champion.

Develop Motor Skills – Perfect for children ages 3+, this game can help your little ones with balance and hand-eye coordination. As a bonus, keeping track of the score can help reinforce math concepts!
Hit the Bullseye – Each of the two included foam axe “blades” are covered with a strip of hook & loop material that will stick to the fabric wood stump target on contact. Each ring on the target is worth 1, 2, 3, or 4 points—the bullseye is worth 6 points!

Indoor & Outdoor Fun – The included suction cup and cord give you flexible options to hang the target indoors or outdoors, making it a great year-round activity. It also makes a great gift this holiday season!

Compact Storage – Both foam axes and the quick twist-and-fold round target store neatly inside of the included drawstring storage/carry bag, making it easy to pack this game up and take it to the park, lake, party, or a friend’s home.
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