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Thor Norse God Wood Art Sign

Thor Norse God Wood Art Sign

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Approximate Size 11 x 7 1/2 x 1 inches.

This is an image of Thor from Norse Mythology burned into reclaimed hard wood finished with a healthy coat of tung oil. The wood for this piece is made from a larger board that was made up of two boards connected together with nails.

About Thor
In mythology, Thor is a hammer-wielding (Mjölnir) god associated with lightning, thunder, storms, sacred groves and trees, strength, the protection of mankind and also hallowing and fertility. Thor is generally described as fierce eyed, red haired and red bearded. Thor has been known by at least fifteen names. Asa-Thor, Ása-Thór, Donar, Donner, Thor, Thór, Thunder, Tor Þor to name a few.

Thor is a prominently mentioned god throughout the recorded history of the Germanic peoples, becoming highly popular during the Viking Age, Thor appears throughout Norse mythology with numerous tales featuring the god.

In American pop culture, the superhero Thor was created for Marvel Comics by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. The character was derived from the Germanic god and first appeared in Journey into Mystery no. 83 in August of 1962.

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