Voo-Dudes Stress Management Figures

Voo-Dudes - all the stress management and none of the pesky black magic.

Whether running a business, working in an office, or taking care of everyone at home, stress doesn’t pick and choose - it loves us all equally. Walking through the Monkeyjack compound after a busy shipping season, we noticed a lot of uneasy eye ticks and tail twitches - except for one production monkey. Surrounded by tiny piles of torn up cardboard, he was calm, cool, and collected. His secret?

Voo-Dudes. Tiny cut-outs of people in a convenient storage crate. Write down the name of the person, country, food-group, or whatever is bugging you on the cardboard figure. The amount of artistry you put into it is up to you. Then, with or without theatrics, tear it to shreds! Cut it into pieces! Soak it in coffee until it falls apart! Stomp it! Tape it to your car tire! Drop it into a campfire and make s’mores over it! Get creative with your destruction - and watch your stress fall away with the tiny little pieces of Voo-Dude.

And you know that one production monkey? He’s now the head of marketing. True story.


Voo-Dudes Cathartic Cardboard Stress Relief Figures

This mini wood crate contains 30 Voo-Dudes. One for each day of the month. Each cardboard figure measures 5" tall x 3" wide.

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