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MoonPie Coconut 8 oz Candle

MoonPie Coconut 8 oz Candle

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The MoonPie Coconut 8 oz Candle is a new product designed to bring the sweet and tropical scent of coconut to your home. This candle is made with high-quality soy wax, which burns cleanly and evenly, and is hand-poured into an 8 oz jar.

The aroma of this candle is reminiscent of fresh coconut, with a hint of sweetness and a touch of creaminess. It is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home, whether you're looking to relax, unwind, or entertain guests.

This candle features a long-lasting burn time of approximately 40-50 hours, making it an excellent value for your money. It also comes with a tight-fitting lid, which helps to preserve the scent and prevent dust and debris from settling on the wax.

If you're a fan of sweet and tropical scents, or you simply love the delicious aroma of coconut, then the MoonPie Coconut 8 oz Candle is the perfect addition to your home decor and fragrance collection.

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